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The hard drive backup is totally up to you. Before digital, I used to give all of the raw footage to my clients (they were on mini DV tapes). Most videographers do not do this or charge extra for it but I do not. Now that everything is digital, your wedding is in hard drive form and not something I can hand to you since it was deleted from the original card and now backed up onto a drive in my studio. Once you receive your Blu-ray and all is good (no editing mistakes, etc.) I delete your folder from my editing system which includes all raw footage files. The only back up at that point is a Master edited copy that I keep and your Blu-ray Disc which is yours. The reason a lot of people back it up is for the digital file that I provide along with the entire project folder. Most likely you will never need the other files but you never know. The digital file can be copied and pasted onto anyone’s computer or played on a smart TV without a Blu-ray player. Someday, Blu-ray players will be gone and I think the next media is just in the cloud. That digital file can be stored in the cloud eventually so it is nice to have.

I know that is a lot of information. Please ask if you have any questions. See the link below for the type of drive needed if you are sending one. You can have it shipped directly to me if you order it online. Angelina Video, 69 Wenham Street, Danvers, MA 01923 If you do send it to me, let me know it is on the way along with what brand it is and how many gigs. I receive a lot of hard drives and want to make sure I know which one is yours. The drive should have at least 500 gigs. Thanks!Type your paragraph here.

FYI the individual files are not meant to watch. Most of the files are very hard to open on any standard computer because of the large file size. The reason I have you back up these files before I delete them is just in case you ever needed some re-editing in the future. I have had 1 bride in 17 years come back and need something worked on so the chances of you needing this down the road are slim. But, it’s always good to have these raw files.

 I don’t cut anything out of your final video. The full length video is pretty much the “Raw Footage” edited. A lot of videographers now give their clients a 25-45 minute video only. I still edit every single video clip and give you everything to see visually. The only clips you do not see in the full length video is a few seconds before and a few seconds after on each clip. In other words, I cut out the bad camera moves when the camera turns on and off.